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About Our Services

One reason WordPress has become the most popular content management system in the world is thanks to its "ease-of-use." You don't have to be a computer programmer to update your website's pages, content, links, photos, videos, and so on. But there is a slight learning curve for each different task.

With our training and support, we can be "on-call" to help you from time to time, either teaching you the bits of know-how you need, or handling the more challenging tasks you may be too busy to learn.

Our features and benefits:


Good old-fashioned (made in America) phone support so you...

  • Get competent help from a live person
  • Get personalized training and advice
  • Get assistance when you need it
  • Have someone you trust to call
By email

Priority email support that allows you to...

  • Submit change requests at any time
  • Type exact instructions and text
  • Attached files, logos, photos, etc.
  • Document correspondence
By video, audio, and content post
By video, audio, and content post

Access to Training Portal lets you...

  • Watch how-to videos
  • Listen to helpful audio files
  • Read strategic content posts
  • Discover techniques that work
Testimonial 1
Testimonial 2
Testimonial 3
Testimonial 1

"Bob is wonderful to work with! Whatever your skill level, he can guide you through any difficulties you may have and will respond to any questions in a timely matter. I highly recommend him for any of your website needs."

- Jennifer Duling

Testimonial 2

"I wanted the best of both worlds, and I got it! I update the easy stuff myself, like adding photos, while letting you handle the tougher chores, like setting up forms and plugins. Thanks for being there when I need you!"

- Gene S.

Testimonial 3

"Thanks for teaching Kim how to update our website. She learned fast, but now that she's retired, I'll be emailing you the updates I need until I hire her replacement. Great job. I just wanted to let you know."

- Derek

Training Task Example 1:

Upload a photo gallery to a portfolio page...

Support Task Example 1:

Configure a Request for Service contact form...

Training Task Example 2:

Create a new page, then add it to the top menu...

Support Task Example 2:

Setup basic social media sharing functionality...

Training Task Example 3:

Add a Customer Testimonials sliding banner...

Support Task Example 3:

Install a business theme and custom logo...

Basic Training and Support Plan

$50-$120 per month
  • Unlimited phone and email incidents
  • - up to 1 hour per month (plan 1)
  • - up to 2 hours per month (plan 2)
  • - up to 3 hours per month (plan 3)
  • Priority response and VIP notification system
  • Unlimited access to training portal
  • Mirrored hourly rate on overtime requests
  • 20% additional discount with website hosting