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Website Design for Small Business

Website Design for Small Business in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Since 2006, RM Embroidery has been a valued client. Over the years, we have kept up-to-date with modern website design techniques, while maintaining time-tested functionality. With only the essential 5 pages, Kathy’s business has done well over the years by giving her clients valuable information and straightforward examples of her work. As an embroidery company, one of her goals is to utilize a design theme that feels appropriate, including a “stitched” background. While her website is not cumbersome to navigate, it is effective in showcasing her services and examples of her work.

Clearly, being mobile friendly was important to RM Embroidery. Since most of her clients come to her shop to place and pickup their orders, it was important to display her contact information front and center, especially on mobile views. When clients are driving to her location, they can get her address and phone number easily. They can also email her without navigating to a separate contact us page. Such time-saving design elements have proven profitable. The most important thing is to give prospective clients what they need, and save the rest for meeting in person. Because Kathy understands the value of personal connections, she maintains a great perspective on how much time and money to spend on her website. We have worked with RM Embroidery since the beginning to ensure that her website costs remained affordable. She understands what works, and takes sound advice on not over-engineering for fancy, unprofitable features.

As her business has grown, Kathy has been able to hire additional help. The WordPress platform allows her to assign an employee to make updates to content, as needed. Prior to this, they called or emailed us to make these changes for them. While our service rates are fair, they can easily handle basic updates themselves, such as change their business hours, phone numbers, special offers, promotion, examples of their work, prices, and more. We have had a great working relationship with RM Embroidery over the years, and we are considerably proud to have helped them survive and thrive online in efficient and affordable style.