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Website Design for Small Business

Website Design for Garage Door Contractor in Dubuque, Iowa

Another long-term client, Affordable Door Service has recently updated their website to be “mobile-friendly” and rank higher on the search engines. They understand the value of economy in design, using a simple but effective page layout that incorporates two sidebars on the right-hand side. Right-hand navigation makes sense for most users, since they can click or tap links with their dominant hand. The overall presentation uses only two shades of green color (plus black, white, and shades of gray). Strong use of bulleted lists helps key services stand out. For that robust feel of security, we used a diamond-plated background, which the owner really likes. Also noteworthy, the top navigation contains only four (4) links. These are the main pages recommended for small business success. Many of the winning design concepts featured in Robert’s book are illustrated well on this client’s website.

Mobile view is clean and responsive. To achieve this layout, a responsive WordPress theme was used. The design work was completed to the owners satisfaction, both timely and cost-effective. Since this client has been with us since 2009, we charged a flat rate upgrade price to convert his website to mobile-friendly. All told, the upgrade totaled approximately 10 hours of design time, and the client paid us upon completion. Normally, we ask for 1/2 down to start such upgrades, but since we’ve always managed this client’s monthly website hosting and maintenance, we were happy to accommodate the easiest terms for him. We take great pride in having long-term relationships with solid, honest, hard-working clients, and Affordable Door Service is one of the best.

Owner Joe Gahan understood and agreed with our fundamental website design principles. Like most small businesses, Joe is extremely busy running his daily operations. He relies on old school marketing concepts, including word of mouth, and so he asked us to design and maintain a website with time-tested features that bring money in the door. We worked entirely over the phone and email with Joe, and took the raw notes from our initial interview and converted them to well-written text and ┬áconcise bullet points that grab the reader’s attention. We put much thought into his photo gallery, deciding to keep it in a simple photo album format, rather than a fancier presentation. Time has proven that most clients prefer to have photo galleries displayed in rows and columns on the page so they may easily see all as thumbnails, then individually click whichever ones catch their eye.