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Website Design for Small Business

Website Design and WordPress Training for Dance Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

When Studio 360 Dance needed a website for their new business in Cedar Rapids, they had a grand vision and a reasonable budget. They definitely wanted a modern-looking design that would compete well with other local dance studios. We came up with a package that fit their vision and budget. Their home page incorporates many of the newest technologies, such as embedded video backgrounds, registration countdowns, slideshows, and more. Because they have several classes and lots of documents to share with their dance clients, we utilized a menu structure that allows for expanding sub-menus, with some of the links routing to PDF documents that could be downloaded easily to all devices. Of course, Facebook is an important component to their marketing strategy, so they wanted that link at the top of the page. Their logo is a custom designed graphic that looks great against the black header background. We did a small amount of custom coding to make the Registration button stand out in neon green, but otherwise used only native features build into our website design software and platform.

Absolutely essential to them was mobile-responsiveness. Since so many of their young dancers use smartphones, they wanted to ensure their website looked great on all devices. We implemented the best software to accomplish, while staying within their budget. Studio 360 Dance provided most of the images, content, and PDF documents by email. We communicated with them by phone when necessary and expedient. Together, we created all the pages needed to educate and inspire their prospective dancers. They are competing well within their industry, and their website is being used a lot by their new and prospective clients.

The owners of this dance studio are very tech-savvy. After the initial design was completely, we moved into the maintenance phase of their website. As before budgetary consideration were important. We proposed a solution whereby we trained them how to update their own website, thus saving them money and streamlining the process by keeping those functions in-house. Since we had designed their website using the WordPress platform and state-of-the-art page building software, they were able to learn quickly the basics of updating text, links, images, and other creative elements. They are not only having fun, but also getting great bang for their buck from their website.